About The Artist


Paul with trapper 6-30-14

Paul holding “The Trapper” original on Walnut wood.


Paul’s goal is to search for that perfect piece of wood which has just enough grain and texture to compliment the illustration that will be burned into it’s fibers.

Often times Paul works on the design for countless hours, sketching the composition. Burning & shading are just the beginning, it is then hand rubbed to a fine patina. He may compliment the burn with oil paint, which enhances the composition. A finish of  2 coats of lacquer with UV protection will definitely preserve your one of a kind Heirloom piece for years to come. “After weeks of work, I will personally sign my name to each piece with great pride. It takes many hours  and years of experience to create each piece of Art.”

In Paul’s gallery, he will have many original one of a kind pieces on display, in various sizes and prices.

Paul exhibits at many shows throughout the year. Please see his show schedule for more information.

Paul has done many demonstrations for organizations such as ; Boy Scouts, 4-H groups, local schools, & woodworking groups. Contact Paul @ 920-604-0152 for a booking for your group.

2016-04-12 20.04.49

Arts Unlimited Group, demo.


2015-04-26 18.47.32


Paul Murphy is a Pyrographic Artist who designs various types of wood burns.

Paul specializes in the area of high-realism wildlife & miniature burns.
He portray’s the natural world in fresh ways to express his profound appreciation of animals and nature. He is moved by the array of texture within the wood.


Lg. Gallery

Large Main Gallery.  Visitors are in awe when they view this showroom.

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